Tours and Events

Tour:  Tour the Sky Mountain demonstration site for a chance to see permaculture in action. We also host a variety of events, such as talks and seminars, and can create a custom event for your group or organzation.

Event:  Join us once a month at the Escondido Garden Club to network with novice and experienced gardeners and all levels in between. We visit a different home garden every month to share ideas and learn from each other. We always enjoy a vegetarian potluck meal and exchange seeds, cuttings and inspiration. Sign up to our mailing list to be advised of future meetings. 

Event:  California Native Plant Society Talk – July, 18  2017

Title: Drought Busting Edible Gardens; How to Use California Native Plants as Part of a Sustainable Landscape.

Time: 6:30 - 7pm

Location: Casa Del Prado, Balboa Park, Room 101

Our Services

We offer a range of services to support you through the many phases of developing verdant and sustainable living systems.   


Consultation: Schedule a consultation, and we will provide a project assessment present options to work within your budget to achieve your goals. 


Installation: If you lack the experience to implement your permaculture project,  let us take care of installation for you! 

Presentation: You can also schedule a presentation for a speakers series, or invite us to speak with your group on a variety of permaculture topics.

We specialize in:

  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems

  • Greywater Recycling Systems

  • Landscape Design with drought tolerant and native plants

  • Edible Landscaping

  • Farm/homestead design

  • Commercial water harvesting/landscaping design


The healing of the land and the purification of the human spirit is the same process.
– Masanobu Fukuoka

About Sky Mountain Permaculture

We have wanted a laundry–to- landscape greywater system for a couple of years so were really glad Alden had started a business installing greywater systems.  Alden was able to work us into his schedule quickly and did a great job installing the system.  We love being able to water our lemon and apple trees with our laundry water and recommend him to anyone wanting to tap into greywater resources for their landscape needs.

Carol Sorenson

City, State

I have been to several workshops and lectures at Sky Mountain. It is a huge inspiration just to be there and see what they have done with their property. Alden is great to work with, I highly recommend for classes, consultation and installation.

Shawn Peterson

City, State

I cannot speak highly enough of Alden Hough from Sky Mountain Institiute. Employed to change our shower machine into gray water, Alden not only did a super job, he did so with the utmost professionalism and helpful attitude.  Along with out gray water, Alden also planted three fruit trees that would be watered from the shower. Watching and participating in the process, we learned about permaculture and the building of an environment for the trees to grow and be fed for years to come.


After several months using our new gray water systems, all of our plants are thriving and bursting with growth. I recommend requesting Alden's expert help and know without a doubt that he will be a sought after consultant for solutions to our environmental challenges.

Karen Bouse

City, State

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News and Updates

Hear from our clients....

As an education center and demonstration site, Sky Mountain Permaculture provides a model for how people can live in a mutually enhancing relationship with the Earth. Through our workshop  , consulting services, tours and events, we teach people how to create ecosystems that provide nutrient dense food for humans and wildlife, heal the Earth, and connect people with nature and each other, creating healthy solutions to the current environmental crisis. 

We live in a time where environmental challenges need urgent, bold and thoughtful solutions. The Earth needs our help. 


Our mission at Sky Mountain Permaculture is to teach people how to regenerate the Earth and live more sustainably. Permaculture is the conscious design of a human-centered ecosystem which is balanced, abundant, and sustainable. 

Help regenerate the earth and live more sustainably.



Project assessment. We provide insight and options that work for your budget.


Project implementation. 

We do the work to make your project come to life.


We share our expertise and understanding of permaculture systems.

We offer hands-on workshops, programs, tours and events.


Rainwater Harvesting: Drought Proof Your Property

This class takes you beyond the use of rainwater storage tanks by teaching you how to capture and retain the thousands of gallons of rain that falls on your property.  You will learn how to create simple earthern structures that help reduce outdoor water consumption, decrease water bills, control erosion and enhance soil fertility. Earthworks help you achieve maximum effectiveness for the least effort and cost whether your yard is urban, suburban or rural, big or small. Class includes a tour of the property and earthworks designed by Paul Wheaton. 

Curious about how to build an earthbag dome? Earthbag building is one the most affordable and environmentally friendly forms of building, and is easy to learn. Using earth bags results in extremely durable and strong structures that can be filled with local, natural materials. Wear comfortable clothing which are OK to get muddy. Bring gloves, sun protection (hat, long sleeve shirt/pants, sun screen), wear sturdy shoes, and bring plenty of water. 

Earthbag Dome Building
Introduction to Wild Edibles

Learn how to safely identify, mindfully forage and prepare wild edible plants. Join us on a tour of the Sky Mountain property to gather these nutritional and medicinal powerhouses and learn how to prepare wild edibles in delicious recipes! The workshop will feature a slideshow presentation, wild edible walk and the chance to prepare and taste wild edible dishes.  

Greywater Harvesting

Interested in reusing your home's greywater? Want to save water and have a lovely garden? Come to our design and installation workshop and learn how to irrigate your landscape with greywater. In this class, you'll learn about: types of greywater systems; the new California code; appropriate landscape design and plants for greywater; common landscape mistakes in systems design, and suitable products. 


Note: This is a hands-on class, so come prepared to work outside. We'll be installing a greywater system from the washing machine to irrigate plants outside. This type of system is leagal to install without a permit, following 12 basic guidelines.

Current dates: contact us for more information

Current dates contact us for more information

Current dates: contact us for more information

Current dates: contact us for more information


Education is a big part of our mission. We offer a variety of workshops to teach essential permacutlure skills. Contact us to learn about our currently scheduled workshops. Custom workshops are also avaialble.

Internship: The Permaculture Internship is an action-learning program focused on gaining experience in the following areas: rainwater harvesting, gray water harvesting, client consultations, installations, plant propagation, tree care, ecological restoration, creating food forests and wildlife habitat. The intern will work closely with the Program Director to assist with various projects as needed, acquiring a hands-on education in Permaculture. 

To apply: Email cover letter, resume, and three  references to


  • Minimum 16 hours a week

  • Able to lift heavy objects; in good physical condition. Able and willing to work in extreme hot temperatures characteristic to California, year-round

  • Must provides own means of reliable transportation (personal vehicle)

  • Ideal candidate is a self-guided, reliable, motivated and articulate individual who is comfortable working with limited supervision

  • Intern is friendly, energetic, and enthusiastic about learning and practicing the principles of permaculture, the ethics of ecological landscape design, and the needs and provisions of thriving perennial food systems and regenerative ecologies




Volunteer Program: We welcome individuals and groups by prior arrangement to help with our restoration, earthworks and natural building projects. Contact us for more information on volunteer opportunities.

Children's Program: The goal of this program is to create an educational experience for children in an outdoor class room in which they are encouraged to develop a personal relationship with the natural world, where learning is meaningful, and a sense of reverence for the Earth and all life is cultivated.

In addition to important lessons in science, biology, ecology, math, and horticulture, children will learn life skills through engaging activities like growing food for humans and wildlife, restoring damaged ecosystems, playing outside, caring for chickens, crafting with items found in nature, and building rainwater harvesting systems.

This program is available upon request. 

Contact us for more information and to schedule.


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Until our online registration and donation systems are ready, please email us if you would like to take a course, schedule a consultation, or make a donation.

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Sky Mountain Permaculture (SMP), is a seven acre permacultre research, demonstraction and education site located in the greater San Diego area.

We specialize in ‘planting the water’ to create drought tolerant landscapes, and ecological systems, that mimic nature, and grow stronger and more self-sufficient over time. SMP is a program of Sky Mountain Institute, a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization.

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